Thanks for all the c

Thanks for all the comments, evnreoye! It's lovely hearing what keeps you company while you get your craft on :DMarilyn - I love the BBC's iPlayer too. It's so great being able to pick things to listen to when it suits me, I listen to much more radio that way... Podcasts are also fab for the same reason, but I do find it a bit distracting sometimes having the computer on when I'm sewing, I keep checking my emails etc instead of focusing on the crafty stuff.Bliss Knits - I love watching crime dramas on the telly and I've lost count of the amount of times I've totally missed really crucial bits of info (like which character just got bumped off) because I was looking at my sewing instead of the TV. Laura - thanks for the tip about LibriVox! What a great resource. Off to check it out now...

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